November, 2015

What’s New in Doral

1.  (November 18, 2015)  Newest Board Member.  Richard Carr was formally nominated and elected to the Doral HOA as the Vice President and Treasurer at the November 18th Board Meeting to finish out resigning Board Member, John Jones current term. The Board thanks John for his many years of service to the Doral Community and wishes him all the best in his future. Richard has lived in the Doral community for 10 years and is excited to join the Board.

2.  (November 18, 2015)  Traffic Calming Signs on Hawkesbury.  We are still working on placing four “traffic calming” signs on Hawkesbury. We have been in contact with various government agencies to determine the best and most aesthetically pleasing way to accomplish our goal of “slowing” down the traffic to at least the posted speed limit.

3.  (November 18, 2015)  Results of the Architecture Review Committee (ARC) Inspection.  The May 2015 ARC inspection was completed with only 41 homes cited out of 157 homes. As of November 18th only 3 of those 41 houses have failed to correct cited deficiencies. We appreciate all those in the Doral community who keep their homes compliant with ARC guidelines. In the long run having a community with properly maintained homes and landscaping only increases the value of our homes.

4.  (November 18, 2015)  ARC Welcoming Committee.  The ARC Board Members have agreed to welcome new homeowners to the Doral community by visiting with a treat and a copy of our ARC guidelines. In addition to welcoming newcomers to the community we feel this will be an opportunity to introduce them to our ARC guidelines so they will know who to contact in the event that they want to make any future exterior changes to their homes.

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