January, 2016

What’s New in Doral

1. (December 13, 2015)  2016 HOA Fees.  You should by now have received your 2016 coupon book for Homeowner Assessment Fees. As George Langbein (HOA President) mentioned in the October 12th Message to the Doral Community, fees have been raised to $40 per month for Single Family Homes (SFH) and to $50 per month for Townhomes (TH). The entire increase will fund a new line item in the budget for the Townhome Special Reserve Contribution. Although not part of the package that Summit sent out, we are still providing a $12 discount for those who pay their total yearly fees by January 31, 2016 ($480 – $12 = $468 for SFHs; $600 – $12 = $588 for THs).

2. (January 21, 2016)  Doral Community Snow Removal Reminder.  Just a reminder as we enter the inclement winter weather season. Montgomery County is responsible for plowing all named Streets in the Doral Community. Single Family Homes are responsible for removing snow from any sidewalks in front of the home. Townhomes are responsible for removing snow from the sidewalk from the front door of the townhome to the feeder sidewalk. The Doral HOA is responsible for removing snow from all feeder sidewalks in the Townhome area and all common area sidewalks. If everyone does their part we can ensure our community stays safe for all.

3. (January 21, 2016)  Traffic Calming Sign Update.  The board has finalized the plan for placing “traffic calming” signs in the community. Instead of permanently placing signs the board determined that four aesthetically pleasing signs would be temporarily placed at various locations within the Doral Community (with emphasis given to Hawkesbury) for a week at a time every month or two. The thought is that rotating the placement in a temporary manner would provide a better opportunity for the signs to do their job. As a secondary usage, two of the signs will also announce the bi-monthly Doral Community Meetings.

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