December, 2016

What’s New in Doral

1. (December 19, 2016)  2017 HOA Fees.  You should by now have received your 2017 coupon book for Homeowner Assessment Fees. As Jean Langbein (HOA President) mentioned in the November 4th Message to the Doral Community, there is no change in fees this year. They are $40 per month for Single Family Homes (SFH) and $50 per month for Townhomes (TH). Although not part of the package that Summit sent out, we are still providing a $12 discount for those who pay their total yearly fees by January 31, 2017 ($480 – $12 = $468 for SFHs; $600 – $12 = $588 for THs).

2. (October 24, 2016)  Town House Garbage/Recycling Corrals.  There are three trash areas/corrals (one for each of the three town house sections). There are black/brown containers for regular trash, round blue recycle containers for plastic, and larger blue containers for paper. Please keep the town home corrals clean by:

  • Placing all trash and recycling in the correct containers
  • Making sure your regular trash is in a sealed trash bag so there are no leaks.
  • Keeping the ground area clean and free of debris
  • Keeping the door to the corral closed
  • By NOT leaving large/bulk item inside or around the corrals – this is not allowed. See note below about scheduling a bulk pickup.

3. (October 24, 2016) Doral Community Bulk Trash Pickup.  Our community uses a private service for trash pickup by B&B Refuse. If you live in a town home or single family home and you need a bulk pickup for larger items such as furniture, mattresses or other large items (NOT appliances), you can call B&B Refuse directly at 301-424-1427 to schedule a pickup. Payment will be your responsibility and will be due “on the spot” and at curb pickup. If you do schedule a bulk pickup, please make sure only to put out your items out the night prior or morning of the pickup.

Also, a gerneral reminder to home owners about garbage and recycling containers:
Trash, garbage and recycling containers shall not be permitted to remain in public view except on days of trash collection or the evening prior to the day of trash collection. It is favorable if trash and recycling containers are put at the ends of driveways and not along the street or at the edges of property lines. Containers should be removed as soon as possible after collections are complete. No containers shall be stored on the front or side yard of any lot. Containers stored in the rear yards or upon decks, must be screened from public view at all times.

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