April 16, 2020

May 20, 2020 Board Meeting

NOTE: The board has decided to have a Zoom video conference board meeting on Wednesday, May 20 at 7:00 pm because there are a number of issues the board needs to vote on. This meeting is in place of the normal Annual Meeting with elections due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The 2020 Annual Meeting will be postponed until it is considered safe to be in close proximity to others. All residents are invited to attend the Zoom conference call. Email for the link, meeting ID and Password

We wish all Doral residents to stay safe and remain healthy during this unusual time.

Reports of car thefts

There have been some recent reports of vehicles being rummaged through and valuables being taken within the Doral community. This is unfortunate, but not unheard of in our area. The most recent occurrence happened a few nights ago and the police have been notified. Please remember to always lock your vehicle and don’t keep valuables inside. Use an alarm if you have one and park in a lit area if possible. If a theft occurs, always report the incident to the police!

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