May 22, 2019

Chemical Applications in Doral Common Areas.

Our landscaping contractor, GreensKeeper Landscaping and Lawn Management, Inc., periodically applies weed killer and pesticide to the grass in the common areas of Doral. They place small yellow placards in those affected areas when an application is made, as required by law. The placards contain what type of application was made, the date of the application, and the name and contact information of the company making the application. There have been concerns that the applications are harmful to our pets. We have been assured by Greenskeeper management that the amount of chemicals in the applications should not be harmful to our pets. As fellow pet owners, we do suggest that immediately after application you do not allow your pets to walk in, or ingest grass or other organic matter. We also ask that if you have any concerns, please contact Greenskeeper at the phone number on the yellow placards.

Spring Home Maintenance.

It’s that time of year and now is a great time to start thinking about your home maintenance projects. The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) will be conducting their annual inspections starting around late June, 2019.  The following are some of the common problems found:

• Mildew/mold on the siding
• Peeling paint and rot on wood trim
• Non-uniform window grids/screens (should all be in or all out)
• Trash and recycle containers visible from the street
• Trees overhanging public sidewalks inhibiting clear passage
• Neglected maintenance of yard

Please ensure that your property is in good order to avoid being cited.  Thank you for keeping our Doral community beautiful!

Please pick up your dog’s waste and dispose of it properly.

Complaints have been received from residents of the community regarding dog waste.  If you are a dog owner, please be respectful of your neighbors’ property as well as the common grounds within Doral.  Montgomery County Law requires that pet owners pick up after their pets and properly dispose of their waste.  Furthermore, animal fecal matter is a health hazard and can serve as a food source for rats that can encourage a rat infestation if it accumulates on the grounds of the community. Please be a responsible pet owner and pick up your pet’s waste!

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