Architectural Review Committee

Quick Access Exterior Alteration Application

When considering exterior alterations on your property, you’ll need to fill out and submit an Exterior Alteration Application to the ARC for approval. Here is a link to where you can quickly download the application: Doral Exterior Alteration Application. Simply download it, print it, and fill it out. Then, email it to: with the subject line of “ARC Application”.

Please make sure to consult the Doral Architectural Control Guidelines (link above). These guidelines will help you in finalizing your plans and tell you whether a formal application and approval is required.

A special note about solar panels from the ARC:

With the growing popularity and obvious benefits of solar panels, the ARC is NOT requiring approval and homeowners do not need to fill out an exterior alteration application. We only ask that you notify us prior to installation so we can have the alteration recorded. You can email the board at and El Hadji Fall, our ARC Chairman will respond and can assist with any questions you may have.

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