September 9, 2021

November 2021 Doral Board of Directors Meeting

The November Doral Board of Directors Meeting will be held via a Zoom video conference on Wednesday, November 17, 2021 at 7:00 p.m.  We encourage all owners in the Doral Homeowners Association to attend. Here is the Zoom meeting information in order to join:

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 85687117204


February, 2018

The Doral HOA Needs YOU!

The Doral Home Owners Association (HOA) is looking to fill a vacancy on its volunteer Board of Directors. Becoming a Board Member is one way to give back to your community and allows the opportunity to help make good decisions that will have a positive impact on everyone!

A Board Member must be a homeowner in the Doral Community and be in good standing with their HOA Assessment. If you want to make a difference in your community please contact our President, Jean Langbein, at for more information.

How to Prevent Burglary and Theft from Auto:

Most thefts from autos in your neighborhood occur because cars are left unlocked. After hours, criminals walk up and down neighborhood streets trying to open the door handles of vehicles. They are looking for easy opportunities to take your belongings. Many homeowners leave their house keys or garage door openers inside their cars. Criminals then use these to enter garages and to enter homes through unlocked garage doors that lead into the house. Here are ways to avoid becoming a victim:

  • Lock your car doors. NEVER leave them unlocked.
  • Do not leave valuables in plain view: (GPS devices, lap tops, PDA’s, cell phones, change, MP3’s, wallets, purses)
  • Do not leave windows or sunroof open.
  • Never leave your car keys or home keys in your vehicle.
  • Do not leave the garage door opener in plain view.
  • Do not leave personal information in your car. This can be used to commit identity theft crimes.
  • Do not move valuable items to the trunk while in public view.

Littering in the Community.

If you see someone in a vehicle in the act of littering on our community streets you can report it to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department at 301-279-8000. If you can get the tag of the vehicle and any other information, a follow up investigation can be done. The person littering can be cited for the violation by an officer (this could require your testimony in court as a witness to the incident). This is an ongoing issue in our community caused by some who live, visit or just drive through our streets. If we can start citing individuals, we might be able to curb, or at least reduce the amount of littering on our community streets. Together we can keep Doral clean!

Thanks to Officer Katie Beard for these great tips. Officer Beard plans to attend one of our community meetings soon – check back for an update to when she’ll be coming!

May, 2017

What’s New in Doral

1.(MAY 1, 2017) Doral Community Tree Removal and Pruning. Hopefully you noticed the Barlett Trucks in the area over the past few weeks. The board contracted with them to prune ten (10) of the eleven circles in the community and also remove five (5) trees along Hawkesbury Lane. Trees in the circles were raised so that vehicular traffic doesn’t interfere with low hanging branches and many were also pruned of deadwood and excessive branches. Two (2) of the trees removed were dead and the board decided to remove two (2) trees at the entrance to the community as well as one (1) large tree that was providing too much shade in the entrance area causing the grass to die. Future focus of the board will be thinning out the trees along the common areas of Hawkesbury Drive. As the community has matured, so have the trees to the point that many are encroaching on each other.

2. (MAY 1, 2017) ­New Landscaping Contractor. You should be seeing some new faces around the neighborhood taking care of our landscaping and snow removal needs. The board contracted with a new vendor, Greenskeeper Landscaping and Lawn Management, Inc., starting on JANUARY 1, 2017. Greenskeeper has contracts with several other communities and churches in the immediate area around Doral. Since we were doing tree work, they started later than normal. You should start to see general cleanup and mulching of the town home common areas, front entrance and community circles. We’ll also be getting our flowers changed out to Begonias soon. Our first interaction with them was actually for snow removal after the MARCH 13, 2017 snow. They were out in the area very quickly after the storm and did a great job. We look forward to our relationship with Greenskeeper.

3. (MAY 1, 2017) Lawn Maintenance. With all of the rain that we have received lately, lawns are growing at a fast pace. Please be considerate of your neighbors and keep your yard mowed regularly, and trees and bushes pruned and trimmed. Any dead trees and bushes should be removed as soon as possible. Grass and weeds on private property may not exceed 12 inches in height. Shrubbery, trees, vines, hedges, and other vegetation, including dead trees and branches, must be maintained so they do not pose a danger to health or safety. The Montgomery County Department of Housing and Community Affairs (DHCA) enforces this code on privately owned property. Remember that property values remain high when everyone does their part to keep the DORAL community looking great.

4.  (May 1, 2017) Spring Home Maintenance. It’s that time of year and now is a great time to get your home maintenance projects started. The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) will be conducting their annual inspections on or about June 17, 2017.  The following are some of the common problems found:

• Mildew/mold on the siding
• Peeling paint and rot on wood trim
• Non-uniform window grids/screens (should all be in or all out)
• Trash and recycle containers visible from the street
• Trees overhanging public sidewalks inhibiting clear passage
• Neglected maintenance of yard

Please ensure that your property is in good order to avoid being cited.  Thank you for keeping our Doral community beautiful!

December, 2016

What’s New in Doral

1. (December 19, 2016)  2017 HOA Fees.  You should by now have received your 2017 coupon book for Homeowner Assessment Fees. As Jean Langbein (HOA President) mentioned in the November 4th Message to the Doral Community, there is no change in fees this year. They are $40 per month for Single Family Homes (SFH) and $50 per month for Townhomes (TH). Although not part of the package that Summit sent out, we are still providing a $12 discount for those who pay their total yearly fees by January 31, 2017 ($480 – $12 = $468 for SFHs; $600 – $12 = $588 for THs).

2. (October 24, 2016)  Town House Garbage/Recycling Corrals.  There are three trash areas/corrals (one for each of the three town house sections). There are black/brown containers for regular trash, round blue recycle containers for plastic, and larger blue containers for paper. Please keep the town home corrals clean by:

  • Placing all trash and recycling in the correct containers
  • Making sure your regular trash is in a sealed trash bag so there are no leaks.
  • Keeping the ground area clean and free of debris
  • Keeping the door to the corral closed
  • By NOT leaving large/bulk item inside or around the corrals – this is not allowed. See note below about scheduling a bulk pickup.

3. (October 24, 2016) Doral Community Bulk Trash Pickup.  Our community uses a private service for trash pickup by B&B Refuse. If you live in a town home or single family home and you need a bulk pickup for larger items such as furniture, mattresses or other large items (NOT appliances), you can call B&B Refuse directly at 301-424-1427 to schedule a pickup. Payment will be your responsibility and will be due “on the spot” and at curb pickup. If you do schedule a bulk pickup, please make sure only to put out your items out the night prior or morning of the pickup.

Also, a gerneral reminder to home owners about garbage and recycling containers:
Trash, garbage and recycling containers shall not be permitted to remain in public view except on days of trash collection or the evening prior to the day of trash collection. It is favorable if trash and recycling containers are put at the ends of driveways and not along the street or at the edges of property lines. Containers should be removed as soon as possible after collections are complete. No containers shall be stored on the front or side yard of any lot. Containers stored in the rear yards or upon decks, must be screened from public view at all times.

May, 2016

What’s New in Doral

1. (May 18, 2016)  Doral Homeowners Annual Meeting.  The 2016 Doral Homeowners Annual Meeting was held on Wednesday evening, May 18, 2016. A quorum of homeowners and board members were present along with a Summit Management representative. In addition to the normal meeting proceedings, 2 existing board members (Sandy Bernstein and Richard Carr) were voted in for new 3 year terms, and 1 new board member (Jean Langbein) was voted onto the board for a 3 year term. In the post meeting executive session Jean Langbein was voted in as the new President of the Doral Homeowners Association. Jean is no stranger to the board, as her husband, outgoing President and board member, George Langbein has been active in the Doral Homeowners Association for over 8 years. We welcome Jean to the board and look forward to working with her in her new role as our President.

2. (May 18, 2016) Thank You for Your Service.  Last night’s Doral Homeowners Annual Meeting marked the end of a highly successful partnership of our outgoing President, George Langbein with the Doral community. Over the course of 8 years, starting as Treasurer and completing 2 terms as President, George has left a lasting legacy on the Doral community. Just a few of the examples of his hard work and diligence include changing the Homeowners Association from a Management Company run to self-run Homeowners Association (providing a significant savings to the homeowners), renovation work on the Doral community front entrance and townhouse common areas, and installation of the traffic signal at the Doral community entrance (saving lives and property damage). The entire board and community thank George for his years of service and wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.

3.  (May 19, 2016)  ARC Inspections Coming in June.  It’s that time of year and the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) will be conducting their annual inspections on or around Saturday, June 11, 2016.  The following are some of the common problems found:

• Mildew/mold on the siding
• Peeling paint and rot on wood trim
• Non-uniform window grids/screens (should all be in or all out)
• Trash and recycle containers visible from the street
• Trees overhanging public sidewalks inhibiting clear passage
• Neglected maintenance of yard

Please ensure that your property is in good order to avoid being cited.  Thank you for keeping our Doral community beautiful!What

January, 2016

What’s New in Doral

1. (December 13, 2015)  2016 HOA Fees.  You should by now have received your 2016 coupon book for Homeowner Assessment Fees. As George Langbein (HOA President) mentioned in the October 12th Message to the Doral Community, fees have been raised to $40 per month for Single Family Homes (SFH) and to $50 per month for Townhomes (TH). The entire increase will fund a new line item in the budget for the Townhome Special Reserve Contribution. Although not part of the package that Summit sent out, we are still providing a $12 discount for those who pay their total yearly fees by January 31, 2016 ($480 – $12 = $468 for SFHs; $600 – $12 = $588 for THs).

2. (January 21, 2016)  Doral Community Snow Removal Reminder.  Just a reminder as we enter the inclement winter weather season. Montgomery County is responsible for plowing all named Streets in the Doral Community. Single Family Homes are responsible for removing snow from any sidewalks in front of the home. Townhomes are responsible for removing snow from the sidewalk from the front door of the townhome to the feeder sidewalk. The Doral HOA is responsible for removing snow from all feeder sidewalks in the Townhome area and all common area sidewalks. If everyone does their part we can ensure our community stays safe for all.

3. (January 21, 2016)  Traffic Calming Sign Update.  The board has finalized the plan for placing “traffic calming” signs in the community. Instead of permanently placing signs the board determined that four aesthetically pleasing signs would be temporarily placed at various locations within the Doral Community (with emphasis given to Hawkesbury) for a week at a time every month or two. The thought is that rotating the placement in a temporary manner would provide a better opportunity for the signs to do their job. As a secondary usage, two of the signs will also announce the bi-monthly Doral Community Meetings.

November, 2015

What’s New in Doral

1.  (November 18, 2015)  Newest Board Member.  Richard Carr was formally nominated and elected to the Doral HOA as the Vice President and Treasurer at the November 18th Board Meeting to finish out resigning Board Member, John Jones current term. The Board thanks John for his many years of service to the Doral Community and wishes him all the best in his future. Richard has lived in the Doral community for 10 years and is excited to join the Board.

2.  (November 18, 2015)  Traffic Calming Signs on Hawkesbury.  We are still working on placing four “traffic calming” signs on Hawkesbury. We have been in contact with various government agencies to determine the best and most aesthetically pleasing way to accomplish our goal of “slowing” down the traffic to at least the posted speed limit.

3.  (November 18, 2015)  Results of the Architecture Review Committee (ARC) Inspection.  The May 2015 ARC inspection was completed with only 41 homes cited out of 157 homes. As of November 18th only 3 of those 41 houses have failed to correct cited deficiencies. We appreciate all those in the Doral community who keep their homes compliant with ARC guidelines. In the long run having a community with properly maintained homes and landscaping only increases the value of our homes.

4.  (November 18, 2015)  ARC Welcoming Committee.  The ARC Board Members have agreed to welcome new homeowners to the Doral community by visiting with a treat and a copy of our ARC guidelines. In addition to welcoming newcomers to the community we feel this will be an opportunity to introduce them to our ARC guidelines so they will know who to contact in the event that they want to make any future exterior changes to their homes.

April, 2015

1. (April 22 2015) We have a new web site! Well, if you see this, you already know we have a new web site. We invite you to explore the new site and design. Tell us what you think. Give us some suggestions on what you would like to see on the site. What did we miss that you need? We’ll try hard to make the site useful. We are also going to rely heavily on it to get you Community information as quickly and efficiently as we can. It’ll save all of us the cost of postage for Community information and will ensure you have information at your fingertips whenever you need it.

2. (April 22 2015) We’re going to use e-mail to correspond to Doral HOA. You may recall our efforts from a year or so ago to collect e-mail addresses for each Doral household. Board volunteers went door-to door to get the addresses. We were fairly successful and we obtained addresses for just under 90% of the households. So, we’re going to start using e-mails for “routine” communication between the Board and HOA members. Anytime we have any something of interest and importance to the Community as a whole, we’ll send you an e-mail. Don’t worry, we’re not going to overload you with nuisance e-mails. We’ll only send an e-mail if there is something we think you’d like to know quickly. Otherwise, we’ll just post materials to the web site for you to peruse at your leisure. Also, for any “formal” correspondence, we’ll still use the regular mail.

3. (April 22 2015) We finally got that light! It took a while (26 years), but we finally have a light at Randolph and Hawkesbury. After some serious pestering by your Doral Board, the County finally agreed that the intersection was dangerous and agreed to install the traffic light. There was a bit of a delay due to a homeowner across Randolph contesting right-of-way, but that was resolved. Still be careful at the intersection, but now, at least, you won’t have to take your life in your hands every time you exit the neighborhood.

4. (April 22 2015)  Look for Traffic Calming Signs on Hawkesbury. We’re placing four “traffic calming” signs on Hawkesbury. Sometimes, folks driving through Doral don’t heed the 25 MPH speed limit. With lots of kids playing and waiting for buses along Hawkesbury, we decided to place four signs along the street. Two will be near the south and north entrances and two will be near Pebble Beach. They simply remind drivers to slow down and watch for kids and pets. We hope it slows traffic to near the speed limit.

5. (April 22 2015) The next ARC Inspection will be around May 2. Doral’s Architectural Review Committee will conduct its annual walkthrough inspection around May 2 2015. You all know what to expect. The inspectors look at the fronts and sides of the houses, primarily. They look for such things a mildew on the siding, peeling paint and rotting wood, clutter, etc. You received a flyer a few weeks ago with details. You can also review the Covenants and ARC Guidelines posted on this site for details. Take some time to walk around the outside of your house and do whatever you need to do to avoid being cited for any “deficiency”. Thank you!

6. (April 22 2015) Come to the Annual HOA Meeting. We sent you a reminder about the upcoming Annual HOA Meeting on May 20 2015 at Westover Elementary School. Please attend. We’re electing two Board members and discussing other issues that bear on the HOA. If you can’t attend, still please vote for the Board members by sending your completed Ballots to either George Langbein (HOA President) or to Summit. The addresses are in the letter you received earlier. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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