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Welcome to Doral Homeowners Association

The Doral HOA is located in Colesville, Maryland. The Community consists of a 157 households (137 single-family homes and 20 townhomes) and a volunteer Board of Directors elected from the Community. Each homeowner in Doral is automatically a member of the HOA and is welcome to participate fully in its day-to-day activities and governance. The HOA is self-managed, meaning that all decisions bearing on the HOA are made exclusively by the HOA membership. The HOA does use a “management company” to handle administrative matters and financial transactions, but it plays no substantive role in the decision making or governance of the HOA.

The HOA Board of Directors consists of a maximum of seven directors who are elected by the HOA, at the May Annual Meeting, to three-year terms. The directors hold no official government office, and they have no authority beyond that defined in the HOA’s Bylaws. The Board considers matters that arise within the Community and otherwise handles the day-to-day operation of the HOA. As such, any issue that falls under the purview and responsibility of the HOA (see the Covenants and Bylaws) may be brought to the attention of the Board for consideration and resolution.  This website is intended as a convenient way for the Board to communicate with the Community and for HOA members to communicate with the Board, access important documents such as copies of Doral’s Governing Documents, Financial Reports and Architectural Review Committee guidelines, and to find other useful information. The Board will also post regular updates to enable HOA members to keep track of Community issues and activities. If you have comments or suggestions on how this website can be improved, send the Board an e-mail, either directly at, or by using the form on the contact page of this site. Thank you!

Scheduled Board Meetings – Doral Residents are encourage to attend!

The Doral HOA meets the third Wednesday every other Month at 7:00 pm at Westover Elementary School (January-March-May (Also Annual Meeting)-July-September-November). Residents are encourage to attend – it’s a great opportunity to meet your neighbors, participate in discussions, and to help make good decisions that will have a positive impact on our community!

HOA Fees and Payment Options

The HOA fees are due at the first of every month. The fees provide the needed funds to keep our community running! Fees go to management services, landscaping, snowplowing, trash removal, entrance signage maintenance, sidewalk repair, legal fees and many other areas. Doral counts on each homeowner to make their payment either in-full at the beginning of the year or on a monthly basis.

Reminder: If you make full payment for the entire year before January 31, you will recieve a $12 discount. This equates to a payment of $492 for single family homes or $624 for Townhomes.

If making monthly payments, the dues are:
$42 a month for Single Family Homes
($504 for the entire year).
$53 a month for Townhomes ($636 for the entire year).

There are several options to make payment which can be viewed HERE. If you have any questions, need your account number, or need assistance on how to make a payment, you can contact Chambers Management, Inc at 301-680-0700 or email the board at Thank you!

Trash Pickup

Trash is picked up by B&B Refuse Inc. every Monday and Thursday (B&B is closed on the following Holidays – New Year’s Day; Martin Luther King Day; Memorial Day; Independence Day; Labor Day; Thanksgiving and Christmas. If one of those Holidays falls on a Monday, or Thursday, trash pickup will be the following regularly scheduled day).  Trash bin(s) should only be placed at the curb on trash pickup days, or the evening preceding trash pickup days. Once trash has been picked up, trash bin(s) must be removed from public view. Trash bin(s) are not to be stored in the front or side yard. Click here for information on Bulk Trash / Large Items Removal.

Recycle and Yard Trim Pickup:

Recycle and Yard Trim pickup by Montgomery County is every Monday (if Montgomery County is closed for a Holiday on a Monday, recycling will be picked up on Tuesday). Recycle bin(s) and Yard Trim should only be placed at the curb on recycle pickup days, or the evening preceding recycle pickup days. Once recycle and yard trim has been picked up, recycle bin(s) must be removed from public view. Recycle bin(s) are not to be stored in the front or side yard.

Learn more about recycling by visiting

What's New in Doral

March 2021 Doral Board of Directors Meeting

The March Doral Board of Directors Meeting will be held via a Zoom video conference on Thursday, March 17, 2021 at 7:00 p.m.  We encourage all owners in the Doral Homeowners Association to attend. Here is the Zoom meeting information in order to join:

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 812 4665 4974
Passcode: 299114

Click to view the materials to be discussed at the meeting: Agenda and Financials

Chambers Management is transitioning to a new system – Sign up today!

Our management company (Chambers Management Inc.) is transitioning to a system (CINC) to provide our community with better payment processing, banking, and web services. We’re confident you will see a positive impact from this change. For details about the new system, please view the following documents and sign up HERE.

Letter to Homeowners | CINC System Overview

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